Moin, Moin Germany!

“Moin, Moin Germay!”  is our new production! We are still in the preproductionphase, but anyway! We can’t wait to tell you more about it!

The multicultural, german society is a place of absurd situations and human misunderstandings. Our comedy “Moin, Moin Germay!” will document the cultural shocks  of the so-called “Immigrants”  , who  encountered the so-called “german” culture in absurd situations. Human experiences and stories are the fundament of this 45min play!


Bericht für eine Akademie

This Friday! The Premiere of  “Ein Bericht für eine Akademie” by Franz Kafka

with Christian Wendt

8./9./10 April 2011 | 20 Uhr

6./7./8. Mai 2011| 20 Uhr

directed by Dan Thy Nguyen

illustrated by The Vulture Complex

Light and Sound by Christian Baier


Frontwindows and dancetheater

Katharina Felschen, Eric Fuhrman and Dan Thy Nguyen in the frontwindowproduction: “The Exchange” by Khalil Gibran

11/12/13 March 2011| 6/6:45/7:30 pm
Die Galerie der Herren Simpel
Schulterblatt 75
20357 Hamburg


Poster by Ryan Rich

Sound installation and Dancetheaterperformances in Hamburg

Christian Baier, Eric Fuhrmann and Dan Thy Nguyen are planing projects for february 2011:  A sound installation in a church in Hamburg and a theaterperformance in a frontwindow in St. Pauli.   We will publish dates and more information about the projects in the next weeks.